The hydraulic turning machine is used in the handling of molds, coils, plates and other goods, loading and unloading of pallets, material turning and material weighing, etc. Optional features include electric horizontal and vertical movement function, horizontal rotation function, lifting table, conveyor, and hydraulic and motor drives, etc., the turning is stable and reliable, and can meet the precise requirements of material handling.

Turnover machines are widely used in metallurgy, stamping, sheet metal, molds, papermaking, cold storage, steel belts, wire reels, barrels, coils and other industries.

Single-row rotating central shaft, reinforced hydraulic cylinder;
Heavy-duty self-aligning bearings, integral heat treatment of the central shaft;
Hydraulic stepless speed control, safe and stable;
The mechanical limit switch is adopted, which is safe and reliable;
When there is a power failure during the turning process, the oil cylinder will automatically lock and stop running, and no reverse situation will occur;
Manual control start, stop, forward and reverse;
The fuselage parts are made by welding Q235, 45# carbon steel and manganese steel, and the whole body is phosphated and sprayed;

90 degree hydraulic turning machine

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