Among the stretch wrapping machines, coil wrapping machine is an unique model but very common to see. It’s the ring type wrapping machine used to package round shape items and goods. It could be very variant, from tyre to bearing, from bobbin and reels of cable to spools of wire and copper tubes rolls. Most commonly is the steel coils and hose coil, pipe coils. Normally, the machine will have a C shape turning ring to rotate and going through the core of coils and reels, and the wrapping material is located on the turning ring. This way of wrapping can make the round items better wrapped and get higher degree of protection. But this way of wrapping has a premise, that is the wrapped coils must have a large core which can allow the turning ring to go through.

So, what if the coil has a small core? There are many products wound in small coils, cable reels and hose coils are often to be coiled with small inner diameter like 50-150mm. With this small inner diameter, the turning ring with wrapping material rolls like stretch wrap roll is definately unable to pass through the core. In order to pack items in this kind of cases, we need to design a new ring type coil wrapper machine.

This new type ring wrapping machine is just the equipment to complete the job. Instead of a C shape turning ring, it has the full ring with large inner diameter to embrace the whole coil product inside. There are supportive taper rollers to support the coils and reels, make them rotate during the wrapping time. Unlike the coil wrapping wound through core, this machine wraps the coils and reels by whole. For some users, they may require to expose the central hole, a deviation will be reserved for the machine when making the designing.

There is really a good solution for every needs. Unique packaging requirement and difficult packaging dimensions also can be fulfilled when enough effort is made.

A different ring type coil wrapping machine