Turning machine drive system:

It adopts mechanical chain transmission, and the motor adopts helical gear reducer motor, which has stronger torque. The chain adopts domestic well-known brand (self-improvement), double-row double-channel chain, to ensure stable and reliable turning. The rotation starts slowly, which effectively protects the reducer from damage caused by the sudden energization and acceleration of the motor, and effectively extends the service life of the reducer.

Online pallet inverter
Online pallet inverter

The motor has a parking brake self-locking function, which can stop at any position, and the flip body is locked in place, which is safe and reliable;
The fuselage adopts Q235 all-steel welded structure, which has sufficient strength and rigidity. Both the turning table and the fuselage are made of 6-20mm thick high-quality medium plates;
The rollers and shafts are all made of 45# round steel by lathe finishing, and have undergone high temperature quenching treatment. Has high strength;
Use Taiwan Delta frequency converter for flip speed regulation;
1 set of pneumatic control system, including solenoid valve/oil-water separator/guide shaft, etc;
Electric control system 1 set of frequency converter; induction switch, etc;
Turn over various protections (electrical and mechanical) of the turning machine;
Using traditional chain mechanical transmission;
The lifting and lowering of the pressing device is automatically adjusted;
The maximum load-bearing capacity of turning is 2000kg+20% (must be within the safety factor);
Adopt pneumatic system, four cylinders push the inner pressure plate support of the turning machine to compress the product; adopt pneumatic technology, after the product is turned over, the four cylinders can;
In order to avoid buffering and inertia, the speed of cylinder advancement and retraction can be manually adjusted to a suitable rhythm;
The turning body is integrally welded, polished, heat treated, erected, and adjusted;
The turning machine is self-locking protection during power failure;
Special transmission sprocket box, unique middle double sprocket transmission, chain relaxation can be adjusted;
It can “flip” and “reset” positive and negative cycles;
Inverter vector speed regulation, multi-stage speed regulation operation;
Geared motors of well-known domestic brands;
Double braking with low torque and deceleration brake to ensure the safety of turning over;
The use of an independent console improves the operability and maintainability;
Four supporting wheel mechanism, adjustable diagonal deviation;
Equipment fixing method: horizontal installation or foot installation;
Standard 5-meter wire control, independent control.

Automatic inline pallet and skid changing system

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