Cable coil winding machine is widely used in cable coiling, hose coiling, pipe coiling, wire coiling and other circular product industries, so that the coils are well wrapped with stretch film or other materials, which has the perfect effect of waterproof and dustproof. , Anti-rust and anti-aging. The cable packing machine is suitable for automatically and efficiently packing various sizes of cable packing. It is to make the product perform well, protect and seal for easy transportation. Nowadays, cable manufacturers use it more and more to improve work efficiency and enhance the competitiveness of their products in the market.

cable coil wrapping machine
cable coil wrapping machine

The main features of the cable coil wrapping machine:

  • When a fault occurs, the three indicator lights on the electrical cabinet will automatically alarm.
  • Simultaneous packaging (two packaging materials work together in one packaging process) is optional.
  • The cable winding machine is a top-open structure, which is convenient for crane hoisting.
  • Safe guardrail and protective cover to ensure safe operation.
  • The PLC control system performs intelligent operation.
  • The load-bearing roller and protection roller are wrapped with wear-resistant rubber.
  • The roller is wrapped by polyurethane, which can effectively protect the product.
Cable coil winding machine packing all sizes of cable coils by stretch wrapping

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