Cable is a necessary material involved and used in daily life and production. It is used in a huge amount, and with countless new construction and new projects in many developing countries, its development scenario is still very broad.

The history of cable production equipment has undergone many generations of upgrades, but in the current state of cable production, there are still many producers using old-fashioned semi-automatic cable production equipment for production. The reasons are mostly due to the small scale of production, weak technical capabilities, less investment in new equipment, and certain doubts about the performance of new equipment, etc…

However, the cable consumer market is still developing rapidly, and there will still be more consumption growth points in the future. As labor costs continue to rise, upgrading cable production equipment is one of the essential measures to gain a place in the future cable market and maintain profit margins. This upgrade in cable production equipment includes packaging equipment, so that the overall cable production efficiency can be improved and labor costs can be reduced.

cable coiling and strapping machine

This fully automatic cable coiling and packaging machine is a cable packaging equipment designed to improve cable production efficiency. It is controlled by microcomputer, and various sensing devices transmit signals to PLC control program in time. The functions of this cable coiler include automatic cable feeding, automatic cable winding, automatic metering, automatic cable cutting, automatic machine head conversion and automatic clamping.

After the cable reels winding is completed, the equipment can also bundle and pack the cable reels by using PP strapping tape to bundle the outer ring or the core of the cable reels. The strapped cable reels can also be fully sealed and shrink-wrapped by connecting the L bar shrink wrapping machine. The packaged cable reels has a good appearance, compactness, transparency, and can resist destroy from dust, rain, moisture, oxidation and other pollution.

Cable coiler the best cable packaging solutions
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