It’s very easy to find a strapping machine in the market for tying boxes, cartons. But it’s definately not easy to find a strapping machine able to strap coils and rolls. It’s might because the market demand is very little, no manufacturers would specifically develop a model aimed to work for this specific case. There are products like steel coils, wire rolls and bobbins really needs to have the strapping when doing the packaging. So, most practitioners choose to use manual strapping tools and equipments to finish the strapping process. But the steel coils and wire rolls, bobbins are big size products, suitable to use the manual tools and equipments to do strapping. What about the small products? It’s not convenient to strap a little object with the manual strapping tools. And cable coils are one example of this problem.

Cable coil automatic strapping machine
Cable coil automatic strapping machine

Some cable coils are wound by fully automatic cable coiling and strapping machine. After the cable winding is completed, the cable coils will be clamped by mechanical arms and transfer to the strapping station and completed the strapping on one machine at once. For some small factories, the production is proceed on semi-automatic cable coiling machines. Those machines only have the function of cable winding, the wound coils are pushed out and take by workers to do the next step—strapping. A convenient strapping machine which fit to use in this circumstance is what we want to get.

independent cable coil PP belt strapper-min

This coil strapping machine is just the equipment for us. It has arch which perfect to tie through the core of cable coils. The operators only need to hold the cable coils to the strapping position and step on the foot switch, the machine will finish the strapping in 1-2 seconds. The strapped coils are fasterned, not easy to scatter.

This coil strapping machine is a cheap strapping solution, the cost of this machine is very low. So, it’s an affordable equipment to most cable manufacturers. We can make a trial without too much doubts.

Cheap coil strapping machine to tie cable coils and bobbin by PP belt