This copper rod packaging machine is specially used for long and straight products, such as copper rods, steel rods, plastic tubes, profiles, thin plates, wood panels, etc. The wrapped packaging has good decoration, protection and good storage and transportation capabilities. The machine can be connected to your existing production line, which plays a key role in your production process and is very popular in the modern packaging industry.

copper bar wrapping machine
copper bar wrapping machine

Machine operation:

  • Connect the power supply and turn the main power switch.
  • Turn the emergency stop switch, the red indicator light will be on.
  • Select the “automatic” working mode on the operation panel.
  • Hang the unpackaged boom at the center of the front conveyor.
  • Press the button of the conveyor line to run the conveyor line. Stop it at the packaging position.
  • Fix the packaging material on the object.
  • Press the start button, the ring will automatically rotate and stop automatically.
  • Press the button of the conveyor line to remove the packed items from the workstation for unloading.
  • After completing the packaging process, use tape to fix the tail of the packaging tape.
Copper rod and copper bar packaging machine

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