slewing bearing and ring wrapping machine

Different from the small bearings, the package is always a problem for big slewing bearing and rings. Because it’s difficult to find the suitable packaging material for such big bearing and rings, neither plastic bags nor cartons and paper boxes can be the solution. Wrapping the bearing and ring is the only possible way for packaging such bearings and rings. But this work of wrapping is really tough and tiring if it’s down by hands manually. For making this work easier, we have developed this coil wrapping machine to finish the wrapping of big bearing and rings automatically.

7 wire PC-strand coil wrapping machine

By using this bearing wrapping machine, various sizes are available to work on this machine without complicated re-setup. Different packaging materials can be selected according to packaging requirements, which including stretch film, craft paper, VCI tape and knit belts… The material spools are located on the side of the machine which allows for using larger spools as the storage ring rotates.

As long as the outer diameter, inner diameter and width of the bearing and rings are freely input, the microcomputer system automatically sets the length of the wrapping film and the number of turns to be wound. The speed of the swivel ring and the speed of the tapered roller are adjusted by the frequency converter, which is convenient to adjust the overlap ratio according to different packaging requirements. The friction wheel drives the swivel to rotate, and it is coated with wear-resistant polyurethane material to prolong the service life. We have built the automatic film cutting machine on the machine which is controlled by the PLC program to cut the film and clamps the film after the packaging is completed for the next round of use. After the winding is completed, the swivel ring automatically returns to the initial position, ready for the next round.

PC strand wire coil packing machine-min

The characteristics and advantages of the bearing wrapping machine:

  1. Excellent collectibles. Main components adopt well-known brands;
  2. Moving tracks for different coil winding positions;
  3. Adopt PLC and HMI;
  4. The indicator light will automatically alarm when there is a fault. Faults can be displayed automatically;
  5. By inputting the outer diameter, inner diameter and width of the coil, the operation is simple. Other parameters are automatically set;
  6. Using the converter, the overlapping rate of the tape can be adjusted according to the requirements;
  7. The strap tension is adjustable;
  8. Automatic cutting device and Special brakes avoid material folding on the ring.

High quality slewing bearing and ring wrapping machine