The pallet on-line winding packaging machine is a packaging machine that adapts to assembly line operations. It is very suitable for the needs of automated packaging of modern enterprises. It plays a very positive role in improving packaging efficiency, reducing labor intensity, and effectively using human resources.

At present, such products have been widely used in the packaging lines of chemical, electronics, food, beverage, papermaking and other industries. PLC programmable control. The number of winding layers, the top height, and the number of reinforcement layers can be directly set on the panel. Just press the autorun button. You can complete the entire packaging process, automatically and manually switch at any time. Selected electrical control components, high reliability. Photoelectric switch, automatically sense the height of the goods.

Unmanned operation. Automatic feeding, film loading, winding, film cutting, film sticking, discharging, storage, etc.

Using PLC programmable controller and man-machine dialogue touch screen.

Automatic warning, automatic fault alarm, etc. Simple operation and durable.

Strong and sturdy body design, reasonable and clever mechatronics combination.

Inline pallet and skid stretch wrap machine for sale

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