Steel wire packaging machinery used to be mainly manual and semi-automatic wrapping. With the updating of technology, the continuous improvement of production efficiency and stricter product quality requirements, the automatic steel wire packaging technology gradually replaced the previous packaging method.

steel wire coil wrapping machine

The traditional steel wire wrapping machine has some disadvantages: 1. The wrapping method is too traditional and old; 2. The packaging efficiency is low and wastes time; 3. Manual operation accounts for a large part, resulting in a waste of labor. It cannot meet the efficiency and automation requirements of the new wire production line for packaging, so we have made some improvements and upgrades to the steel wire wrapping machine.

The upgraded steel wire wrapping machine changes the structure of the machine from vertical to horizontal. This structure not only realize the continuous and automatic feeding of the steel wire coils on the roller conveyor (to the winding and wrapping station), but also avoid the need to turn over the steel wire coils after production. The machine comes with an automatic film cutter, which realizes the clamping and releasing of the stretch wrap through the cylinder stroke, and the stretch wrap will be fused by the electric heating wire after clamping, thus realizing the automatic film loading and cutting. The steel wire rolls loaded in place are driven by 3 cone-shaped rollers for self-rotation, and the rotation of the C-shaped swivel (ring) is used for all-round packaging.

automatic horizontal bearing wrapping machine

Due to the low speed of the C-shaped ring, the speed of the friction wheel of the power device that drives the ring is also low, so a speed reduction mechanism is needed, and the speed from the motor to the shaft where the friction wheel is located is decelerated through bevel gear transmission. Since the ring is driven by the four friction wheels to rotate through friction, the four friction wheels should have the same speed. In order to realize the same speed, a synchronous belt transmission is used to realize it.

The improved wrapping machine can complete the automatic packaging of steel wire. It has the characteristics of fast packaging speed, wide packaging range and easy operation. Improve work efficiency, save working time, reduce packaging costs, improve product appearance, and create greater economic benefits.

Innovation on steel wire wrapping machine