1. Machine-packed goods are more beautiful than hand-packed goods, which improves the external image of the company’s products and at the same time enhances the company’s image.

2. High logistics efficiency is a major advantage of machine packaging. Machine packaging is faster than manual packaging. One of the manifestations of enterprise competition: saving logistics time for customers.

3. The development of an enterprise requires logistics equipment. If an enterprise wants to be more standardized, modern logistics equipment is indispensable. Logistics is a relatively important link that every enterprise has to face. Good packaging can reduce the loss of goods to the greatest possible extent for the company’s products during the logistics and transportation, and reduce the logistics operation cost of the enterprise.

4. The increase in labor costs in recent years has increased the direct labor costs and management costs of enterprises. It is an inevitable trend for modern enterprises to increase the rate of mechanical automation. It solves the shortage of manpower, high labor costs and difficult management, and contributes to automated stretch wrap packaging machinery. A piece of strength.

5. As the main force of material packaging, mechanized stretch wrapping machine has advantages in packaging cost, beauty, energy saving, and environmental protection that are incomparable with other packaging.

Nowadays, the development of industry requires higher efficiency and faster development. Today of green and environmental protection, stretch wrap machine will inevitably become the first choice of enterprises. Wuxi Emanpack welcomes you to inquire.

Introduction to the advantages of stretch wrapping machine packaging machine

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