Description and introduction of the L bar heat sealing shrink wrap packer:

This automatic L-shaped shrink packaging machine uses photoelectric to automatically detect products, realize the automatic unmanned packaging, high work efficiency, and suitable for packaging various types of products with different sizes and switches. Widely used in the production of aluminum profiles, water pipes, printing, photo frames, electronics, chemicals, cosmetics and other industries.

Machine features and applications, this machine has the following characteristics:

1 The packaging speed of this shrink wrap packer is fast,  which is up to 25 bags per minute.
2 In terms of the size of the package changes, the adjustment steps are very simple, and no other auxiliary tools are needed.
3 In order to take into account the packaging of small products, this machine is specially equipped with a function changeover switch, and the packaging of small objects can be realized immediately by simply turning the switch.
4 It has a series of advantages such as beautiful appearance, simple operation, fast heat sealing, and firm sealing.
5 Integrate sealing, cutting, and conveying into a whole, with scientific collocation.
6 Using Schneider PLC programmable controller, long-term stable and reliable operation.
7 The component configuration of photoelectric control system adopts world famous brands.
8 The sealing knife part adopts American DuPont Teflon coating to resist adhesion and high temperature, and the sealing will not crack, coke, and smoke pollution.
9 Film delivery and waste film collection are carried out automatically.
10 Equipped with vertical and horizontal photoelectric devices, which can be switched according to factors such as the thickness of the package, and satisfactory results can be obtained.
11 For the safety of the operator and the packaging, the machine is equipped with special safety protection measures. The sound and light automatic alarm system can prompt the operator’s attention in time, effectively preventing personnel or objects from being injured and damaged.

This shrink wrap packer machine is widely used in shrink packaging of food, beverage, printing, medicine, flooring, hardware and other industries. Because of its fast packaging speed, can meet production needs, and the packaging cost is low, it is well received by the majority of users.

L bar heat sealing shrink wrap packer machine

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