• The fully automatic arrow-piercing baler is a model designed for the pallet and heavy object bundling. The movable belt of the open bow frame can firmly bundle the pallet and the bale together for easy movement and transportation. Pallets filled with products can realize an unmanned bundling production line through the conveyor roller line.

• The movement uses internationally renowned imported parts and electrical components. The appearance design is beautiful and beautiful, the machine is simple to operate, has the advantages of high work efficiency, time and power saving, high packaging quality, low failure rate, long life, no noise, no smoke and does not affect the health of operators.

• Widely used in light industry, food, chemical, foreign trade, printing, medicine, commerce, post, banking, electrical appliances, daily necessities, book publishing and other industries.

• Integrate the main advantages and advanced technology of the world’s mainstream models: advanced fuel-free structure makes maintenance very convenient for users

• This machine adopts the “Mitsubishi” PLC control system, which replaces the traditional AC contactor, improves the speed and accuracy of the machine, and reduces the failure rate;

• Careful and reasonable design, full market verification, making this machine become the best in the domestic similar products and be widely promoted

• The movement and the control body shell are made of integral die-casting aluminum alloy, die-cast aluminum alloy; no refueling, smooth operation of the whole machine, 360 days of trouble-free operation!

• It can be used as a stand-alone machine or can be equipped with a conveyor line for packaging

Manufacturer-made pallet balers automatic online pallet strapping machine