High carbon steel coil is widely used in industrial applications, such as reinforced concrete structure and concrete steel wire (PC steel wire). PC wire roll wrapping packing machine in horizontal direction. For example, high carbon steel used in the production of large, high-quality building PC strand wire coil;It can also be used to produce steel wire rope for cable use.

PC strand wire coil stretch wrap machine
PC strand wire coil stretch wrap machine

The spring also uses high carbon steel wire, the use of hard wire and oil tempering steel wire mechanical spring, or the production of spring oil tempering steel wire.
In order to strengthen the tensile and compressive properties of tire wire rods, it is necessary to make small wire rods with diameters between 0.15mm and 0.38mm. The wire rod has high tensile and compressive properties.The high strength wire can face any non-destructive production process.The general production flow chart of wire rod is as follows: with the blank as the base material, through eight steps of straightening, shot blasting, magnetic detection, grinding, heating, rough rolling, middle rolling and finishing rolling, the high-strength wire rod required by the industry is finally formed for the use of the automobile industry.
Steel coil manufacturing process is based on cold heading quality or low alloy steel wire rod wrapping machine, through four steps: intermediate drawing, spheroidization, pickling, coating, peeling.In the middle drawing, the rust removed wire is drawn as small diameter wire through the drawing die.

PC wire roll wrapping packing machine

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