Pallet stretch wrapper has many types, including the turntable model and the rotary arm model. The turntable model has many benefits, including cheap cost, easy re-location moving, easy operation. But it also has a lot of limitation, this including the limited bear load and self rotation during the stretch wrapping. There are many circumstances, the user need the cargo to stay while the machine is wrapping.

The rotary arm can be an alternative in this kind of situation. The machine has wide suspension to wrap the goods around and less limitation for the cargo weights. But how about the risks of using the rotary arm pallet stretch wrapper? What should we pay attention to when we choose this model?

Let’s see what might happen with this machine, here are some safety hazards involved with the rotary arm pallet stretch wrapper:

  • Wearing loose clothing and untied long hair to enter the wrap zone
  • Hurt by the film cutter when the film breaks and try to reattach the film
  • Rotary arm and suspension having serious collision with the workers

Safety tips for the rotary arm pallet stretch wrapper machine

  • The machine should have automatic film cutter, this device will cut and clamp the stretch wrapping automatically, no need for operators to enter the wrapping zone for attaching the stretch film to the pallet
  • The bumper on the rotary arm. This device can stop the suspension and arm rotation when the machine has any collision with the cargo or any other objects, prevent the accident from happening
  • Enclose the wrap zone with the safety guard and install grating on the fence to prevent any person to enter the wrap zone
  • Have the operators and workers trained before do the operation. Let them know the risks of this machine and the right solution when any accident is happening

No matter you are using the fully automatic rotary arm pallet wrapper or the semi-automatic model, always need to keep an eye on the safety of the machine and whole operation process. The injuries and accidents often happens when we think it’s safe and no possibility for any injuries to happen. Sometimes, even the program and setting could lead the a accident if it’s changed without the profession consultation. So having the password setting can be important sometimes.

Risks of using the rotary arm pallet stretch wrapper

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