Advantages of self-propelled wrapping machine(robotic pallet packer):

1. A variety of packaging methods can be controlled. There are four independent packaging modes: up and down reciprocating, single up or single down, middle fixed and strengthened, manual selection of working mode, which can be selected at will.

2. The battery is used as power. Self-propelled wrapping machine has powerful power and low noise.

3. Packaging automation, saving space. The self-propelled wrapping machine can be moved at any time, which not only saves the space of the workshop and warehouse, but also facilitates the transportation to the site and starts working immediately.

4. It has a special membrane mechanism. It is fast, convenient and efficient.

5. Programmable program control system is adopted. All parameters can be automatically adjusted on the control panel. The control panel adopts liquid crystal display and is easy to operate.

6. Compared with other equipment, it is more flexible, and can be applied to some rotary tray winding machine, cylinder winding machine and other mobile operation environment, making it more convenient and efficient.

7. It is not limited by the size of the package;

8. The column can be folded;

9. It can be assembled by one person;

10. Easy to move.

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