Machine description:

The working process of the sleeve-type automatic shrink packaging machine consists of three parts: the body, the electrical system, and the air circuit system. This machine is a relatively new type of packaging equipment in the current cuff-type sleeve film sealing and cutting heat shrink packaging machine. This machine is mainly for sheet, carton, carton and other bulky items for film sealing and cutting packaging. The suitable packaging material for this machine is PE film, which greatly saves packaging costs compared to traditional carton packaging. Used in conjunction with a jet heat shrinking machine to achieve a complete and good shrinkage effect of the packaging.

Technical characteristics:
1: Frequency conversion speed regulation, stable transmission
2: Digital temperature control, more stable control
3: Automatic transmission, technical data, whole column, film feeding, sealing and cutting, shrinking and cooling integrated design
4: The entire column can be made according to customer requirements
5: According to customer requirements, it can be designed as net-type transmission or roller-type transmission
6: Suitable for PE heat shrinkable film
7: Increase the lane arrangement device and counting sensor, which can be packaged in multiple rows without paper trays.

The main purpose:
Used in light industry, food, beverages, candy, stationery, arts and crafts, hardware tools, daily necessities, chemical products, electronics, battery packaging, plastics, daily necessities, toys, sports shoes, leather goods, handicrafts, gifts, mice, etc. Through this packaging, the displayability of the goods is improved, and it can be sealed and moisture-proof.

Shrink film machine for packaging bottle trays and bundles

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