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The Emanpack. mechanical upender provides an easy and efficient way to upend metal coils, molds, dies and other heavy and bulky loads. Mechanical upenders, sometimes called coil positioners, rotate steel, aluminum & other non-ferrous coils and other loads through 90 degrees. They are used in a variety of production and maintenance applications.

Model FZ-10
Control PLC
Automatic Auto
Max loading 10T5T,20T.30T supplied
Working effciency about 40-50 package /hour
Voltage 380V.50HZ,3 Phase.3KW(General voltage,110V.380V.440V also supplied)
Turn-over speed 35sec±10%
Upender size Depend on customer package
Ratio 1:286
Perspective 90º
Transfer mode Double chain/four roller/ Oblique& worm speed reducer
Steel plate turnover machine /plywood turnover machine

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