The pre-stretch wrapping machine and the resistence stretch wrapping machine have their own characteristics and are easy to distinguish. Through this article, I hope to help friends who are not very clear.

The advantages of the pre-stretch winding machine are uniform film, beautiful packaging and strong adaptability compare to the resistence stretch wrapping machine which is just as tight as hand wrapping. Both ultra-light and ultra-high products can be used, and 30-50% of consumables can be saved under the same conditions. In this case, use the required winding. The quality of the film is good, and some stretched films have narrow width after stretching, or have patterns, or even break suddenly, so the quality of the stretched film should be carefully selected.

The pre-stretching film frame mechanism is driven by a motor, so the motor is equivalent to the heart of the mold base. The pre-stretching of the stretch film is achieved through the rotation of various components at different speeds, so the response speed of the motor is very important. At the same time it is required to be soft and not easy to break. Film frame motors are divided into DC motors and AC motors. The DC motor has fast response, soft force, not easy to break the film, not hot, stable, and energy-saving. However, the cost is relatively high, and the technical difficulty of controlling the DC motor is relatively large, so the general strength is relatively high. The manufacturer will use a DC motor.

The advantage of pre-stretch wrapping machine

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