Generally speaking, stretch film wrapping machine refers to plastic film and stretch film as packaging materials. The main function is to pack pallets, skids, and other cargo. Its working principle is to drive the rotation of goods through the rotation of the turntable. An automated process that uniformly packs all kinds of products, whether regular or irregular. In addition, it uses the shrinkage of the film and the self-adhesiveness of the film to tightly bind the goods and the pallet into a whole.

Then, this whole, no matter in the workshop or in the transportation process, will play the effect of fixing the goods. Because the film is wrapped on the surface of the goods, this layer of film can make the goods easily incurred in accidents such as loose packaging and collapse. In addition, Also, because there is a layer of protective material on the surface of the goods, the film can also produce a dust-proof, moisture-proof, and anti-breakage effect on the goods.

In the process of using the stretch film wrapping machine, the power supply of a certain part of the machine may not be connected properly, or important parts such as PLC are damaged, and the wrapping machine cannot be started temporarily. If you want to deal with this failure, you must first check the power supply. Whether the connection is normal, if the power supply short circuit is ruled out, check whether there is any damage to the machine parts; In addition, there may be problems such as the stop of the turntable of the wrapping machine.

At this time, you can check whether the inverter of the machine is broken, or the motor is broken. If you encounter these problems, you must check it in time and replace the corresponding parts. If the turntable stops running, it may be that the two switches (dip switch or bottom proximity switch) are broken. After confirming the problem, just change the corresponding switch to solve the problem.

Troubles and solutions of stretch film wrapping machine

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