When we choose an automatic pallet packer machine, we often consult a sales person to understand the relevant parameters. Through the parameters, we can understand the specific performance of the equipment, which parameters are particularly important and if non-standard customization is required, what changes will it have? ? Next, I will take you to learn more.

Automatic pallet wrapping machine parameters:

pallet packer machine parameter
pallet packer machine parameter

First put a picture, the picture is the parameter configuration of the semi-automatic pallet packer machine, through the picture we can see that there are many parameter introductions, then let’s take a look. The packaging speed is usually based on the wrapping efficiency of standard pallets, generally 25~30 pallets/hour; the packaging height is the maximum height of the goods that can be wound, if the maximum height of our goods exceeds the height shown in the figure, then it needs to be customized; Regarding adjustment, we can adjust the rotating speed of the turntable and the rising and falling speed of the film carriage; the size of the turntable is an important parameter. The 1650mm turntable can meet the 1200mm*1200mm pallets. If it exceeds this size, it may need to be customized; the load determines the equipment If the weight of the goods exceeds the maximum load-bearing capacity, it can also be customized; the applicable stretch film specifications are generally common in the market. Through these equipment parameters, we can understand whether this equipment is suitable for our goods, and what aspects need to be customized when the labeling machine is not suitable.

Automatic pallet wrapping machine:

The choice of automatic pallet stretch wrapping machine is very important. If the parameters are wrong, it is easy to cause the purchased equipment to be unsuitable or completely unusable. I hope this article can help you choose a suitable pallet wrapping machine.

What are the important parameters of the pallet packer machine?

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