Questions 1: What kind of packaging machine we call coil and reel wrapping machine?

The coil wrapping machine and reel wrapping machine is also called coil wrapper. It refers to the film (tape) feeding device running around the circular track. Equipment for winding and wrapping the ring part of ring goods. It is widely used in tire, bearing, steel strip, copper strip, cable and other industries such as toroidal core of the current transformer. It can improve the efficiency of packaging, has the advantages of dust-proof, moisture-proof, reduce the cost of packaging.

Questions 2: What is the benefits of using the coil and reel wrapping machine for product packaging?

  1. Safe, intelligent, firm and durable;
  2. It can start, stop and locate at will;
  3. It can be wound locally at will;
  4. PLC automatic control, reliable performance, according to the need to change the winding mode and times;
  5. It has overload, over-current and other protection functions, safe and reliable;
  6. Automatic film feeding, film breaking, fault alarm and shutdown;
  7. The design is simple and easy to maintain.

What is the coil and reel wrapping machine?

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