I think there are some questions you need to ask yourself when you are looking for an ideal shrink tunnel for your needs. As a big investment, of course we need to find the right machine to match with our specific application. So, here we have listed few of the questions you need to consider as below:

How Much Is The Heat-Sensitiveness Of My Product:

If your product is very heat-sensitive, you may need to pay attention to the shrink tunnel which you purchase. The convection shrink tunnel is usually suggested for such cases because it can give you precise control of the affection of the cold and hot air.

Will The Exceptionally Clean Graphics Needed For My Product:

If the exceptionally clean graphics is very critical for your product, the self-contained steam tunnel is the first choice for you. Because using the self-contained steam tunnel you can get the best results and the most nice package you want.

How Much Is My Budget:

This is one of the key factors you need to consider when making the purchase. How much money you have and how much do you intend to invest is affecting the model you are choosing. Generally the convection tunnel is a little bit cheaper than the steam tunnel. We can compare the pros and cons when making the final investment.


The purpose of purchasing a shrink tunnel is to improve the quality of packaging of our products. But we need to think about the budget of our investment and the standard of this final packaging. Although the technology in the industry is always improving but we should wait for the best coming ones, because if we keep waiting, there are great opportunity and benefits can be lost. As the experts who works in the industry, we always willing to give you the most professional suggestion about the machine and it’s application.

What kind of shrink tunnel do you need to choose?

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