Horizontal orbital winding packaging machine is the new type of packaging equipment which designed and manufactured for the packaging of metallurgy, plastics and other industries.

It is widely used in steel pipes, stainless steel pipes, copper pipes, aluminum profiles, plastic pipes, bars, flat materials, and steel rods and steel studs. Winding packaging of all long products such as, cylinder, etc. It’s also the optional wrapping machine for large bundles of wood material including wooden posts, wood bar and wooden panels and plates. After the product is wrapped and packaged, the appearance is beautiful and neat, and it has the functions of good sealing, tightness, strapping, moisture-proof, rust-proof, dust-proof, damage-proof, and anti-aging. This machine uses composite packaging paper tape, composite braided tape, stretch film and other optional packaging materials.

This orbital wrapping machine uses PLC touch screen control, the machine has both Manual/automatic working mode selection. Frequency converter to do the speed regulation, the degree of overlap of packaging tape can be adjusted arbitrarily according to customer’s needs.

The level of the center of the turning ring can be adjusted according to the size of the object for the best packaging performance. The photoelectric automatically tracks the length of the package and automatically locates it. Automatically alarm and display the fault content in Chinese or English . The tension of the packaging material in and out is adjustable according to the customers. The independent control cabinet of the horizontal orbital stretch wrapping machine improves the operability and maintainability.

What’s the best packaging machine for wrapping bundles of steel rods and steel studs?

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