I believe everyone is familiar with the folding and sealing machine. It is a very easy-to-use equipment in the box sealing machine. For users who are in contact with the carton sealing machine, how to choose a carton sealing machine is really not a good decision. Below, we will share with you 3 reasons for choosing the carton folding and sealing machine:

Carton sealer box sealing machine
Carton sealer box sealing machine

1. Fully automated.
The machine introduces high-tech technology, and relying on the company’s years of research and development experience, it can quickly and fully automate the next automatic sealing without manual intervention. It is fast. It can be operated by a single machine or used in conjunction with an automated packaging line. The components pass the aging test to ensure that every detail is more stable.

2. Automatic lid folding.
The machine adopts PLC controllable programming system, automatic induction to adjust the carton specifications, automatic folding the carton cover, automatic tape up and down, stable and fast, not only reasonable design, more stable performance, simple operation and convenient maintenance. The parts used in the machine are precise and durable, with strict structural design, no vibration during operation, and blade guards to avoid injury, stable and reliable operation, and also ensure the safe use of the equipment.

3. Beautiful sealing effect.
It is sealed with adhesive tape, and the sealing effect is smooth and beautiful. Printing tape can also be used to improve the product image. It is the first choice for automated packaging by companies.

Why choose a folding and sealing machine?
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