Corrugated hose coiling machine

corrugated hose coiling and strapping machine

This automatic hose coiling and strapping line is fully controlled by PLC program system to do the hose clamping, hose winding, hose cutting and coiler exchanging. It’s fully automatic and highly efficient to make tidy and nicely strapped hose reels. This machine is specifically for corrugated hose, which has very large outer diameter and big reel dimensions.

Features and characteristics:

  • Fully automatic working mode, making reels of corrugated hose by automatic coiling and strapping;
  • Adopts PLC+HMI+encoder+servo motor+cylinder control, highly automated to realize unmanned operation;
  • Automatic hose cutting controlled by the program system, the coiling length per reel is able to adjust frequently;
  • The compactness of the coil can be adjusted, which can prevent the surface damage;
  • Hot fusing to strap the reel in radial direction, suitable for using PP strapping belt;
  • Automatic strapping, optional to choose 2/3/4/6 positions;
  • Pneumatic pusher and coil discharging mechanism available to customize.

Technical parameter:

Pipe diameter:40-75mm
Reel ID:400-600mm/customized
Reel OD:900-1800mm/customized
Reel height:250-400mm/customized
Coiling speed:25m/min
Power supply:380V, 50/60Hz, 3Ph

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