Bearing wrapper

What is the coil and reel wrapping machine?

Horizontal bearing wrapping machine, packing the large slewing bearing, ring, toroidal cores by winding through the core. Both independent model and fully automatic model with roller tables are optional. Available to connect with bearing production line and facilities by conveyors. Suitable for variant wrapping materials, including composite paper, VCI tape and stretch film.

Features and characteristics:

  • Horizontal coil wrapping machine, optional to upgrade to fully automatic online model with roller table conveyors;
  • Suitable for packing big bearings like slewing bearing, wind turbine bearings, ring of bearings and toroidal cores by winding;
  • Convenient to integrate this machine with the front bearing manufacturing facilities by conveyors;
  • PLC program and automatic sensors to achieve high degree of automation;
  • Adopt well known brands of the components, extend the service life of the machine;
  • The turning ring and supportive rollers are controlled by frequency converters, make the overlap ratio adjustable.

Technical parameter:

Max load:200kg
Coil ID:150-300mm
Coil OD:300-600mm
Coil height:20-160mm
Coiling speed:40-110rpm
Power supply:380V, 50Hz, 3Ph

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