Vertical wire coil wrapper

wire coil wrapping machine

Vertical type coil wrapping machine designed for packaging wire coils and steel coils specifically. The machine has unique structure which the ring opening towards the upside, making it’s easy to load and unload the heavy coils with Crane or hoist as there is no barriers of the machine. It machine is applicable to use different kinds of material for the wire spool wrapping.

Features and characteristics:

  • Designed for wrapping large steel coils and wire coils with heavy weights;
  • Suitable for variant packaging materials including stretch film, composite paper, knit belt…;
  • Ring opening towards the upside, convenient for loading and unloading by crane or hoist;
  • Adopt well known brands of the components, extend the service life of the machine;
  • The turning ring and supportive rollers are controlled by frequency converters, make the overlap ratio adjustable;
  • Guardrails are adopted to cover the moving parts on the machine for keeping the safety.

Technical parameter:

Max load:2 tons
Coil ID:400-610mm
Coil OD:600-1000mm
Coil height:200-400mm
Coiling speed:40-90rpm
Power supply:380V, 50Hz, 3Ph

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