PVC pipe bundling machine

Automatic PVC pipe bundle forming, strapping and bagging machine

The fully automatic packaging line designed for PVC and PPR, HDPE pipes. Continuous motions of pipe feeding, bundle forming, bundle strapping, bundle wrapping, bagging and discharging all steps carried out by PLC program without any manual assistance from human. The machine is efficient enough to replace about 3-4 labors and save the costs for investors.

Features and characteristics:

  • Highly automated packing line to replace labor works and decrease the costs;
  • Integrated with pipe extruders, automatic in-feeding with pipe detection mechanism;
  • Large buffering space to store more pipes at time, the capacity is capable for most pipe manufacturing facilities;
  • Automatic pipe quantity control and counting mechanism, forming bundles automatically with consistence;
  • Automatic strap numbers set by users, it can be PP strapping or wrapping by stretch film;
  • Making the strapped bundles of PVC, PPR pipes packaged by plastic bags, automatic bagging motion and heat wire cutting and thermal blade sealing.

Technical parameter:

Pipe outer diameter:16-60mm
Pipe quantity:10-50 per bundle
Pipe length:3-6m
Bundle outer diameter:300mm
Conveying speed:20m/min
Power supply:380V, 50/60Hz, 3Ph

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