Everyone is familiar with steel strips, which are made by cutting carbon steel as raw materials. Although this is said, the production of steel strips is actually a very complicated process, especially for galvanized steel strips. There will be a lot of precautions in the article. As mentioned in the previous article, the reason why the steel strip has burrs is caused by the process of the steel strip. Today, Axiom will share with you the precautions for the production of galvanized steel strip.

In the production process of galvanized steel strip, the primary internal component is carbon. As we all know, an important part of the steel content is to correctly grasp the carbon content. In steel production, it must be remembered that the sulfur content website keyword optimization must not occur. The reason is that if the steel contains high sulfur content, the steel will break, and it cannot contain phosphorus. The use of steel phosphorus at a lower temperature will easily lead to fracture.

Silicon can be appropriately added in the production of steel. Because the high manganese steel produced by adding silicon has excellent corrosion resistance and wear resistance, our company pays special attention to this when producing galvanized steel strips.

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