The pile turner is a very specific designed machine to use in digital printing industry. It has functions like pallet changing, paper stack reverse, pile flipping…….But some other turnover machine can also do this job. For example the pallet inverter can also be used to flip paper stacks and change the pallets. So what really are the structural advantages of this pile turner?

Sophisticated vibration system:

1. The vibrating tray is composed of aluminum plate + section steel. The overall size and weight of the tray interact. When the vibrating system is activated, the tray can achieve non-rigid contact with the paper stack to prevent uneven paper from being damaged due to excessive force.

2. The vibration motor is located at the golden section point on the left side of the vibration tray, and the amplitude is in the range of 30-50Hz. The amplitude adjustment is realized by the frequency converter.

The ultimate blowing system:

1. The wind source adopts two Taiwan Shenghong EHS-629 high-pressure fans with an air volume of 5.2m³/m to ensure strong wind energy and air volume.

2. After repeated experiments by our engineers, the air outlet is now a flat air outlet with uniform air volume and strong penetrability.

3. The air inlet and outlet device is uniquely designed by our engineering team, which is a two-in-three-out pipeline structure. The fluid pressure at the outlet of the pipe can be equal to that at the inlet of the pipe. The whole system does not contain wind, no loss of air volume and wind energy.

Through the perfect combination of the air blowing system and the vibration system during the entire finishing process, the functions of dust removal, paper arranging and paper loosening of paper piles of different sizes, different materials and different conditions are realized.