The coil transfer car in the coiler area is an important supporting equipment in the hot rolling strip production line. The coil transfer car is located on the operating side of the coiler and is used to transport steel coils from the strapping fixed stand to the coil transporter. In the past, coil transportation on various hot rolling production lines mostly used a combination of a walking beam conveyor and a fast chain conveyor. The walking beam conveyor transported the steel coils unloaded by the unloading trolley from the strapping bench to the fast chain conveyor. Transported on chain. Since the fast chain will deform and loosen after being used for a period of time, it will not be able to stop accurately, making it difficult for the walking beam and the fast chain to accurately cooperate, affecting the production efficiency of the full rolling line.

Steel coil clamp
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The combination of the coil transfer car and the pallet transporter is a new steel coil transportation technology. Each coiler is equipped with a coil transfer car, which cooperates with the front unloading trolley. The steel coils are lifted up from the fixed platform and sent to the bundling platform. After bundling, they are transported to the pallet, and then transported away. Since the coil transfer car is fully hydraulically driven and uses displacement sensors for data detection and control, the positioning and parking is very accurate. It overcomes the shortcomings of the transportation chain and improves the production efficiency of the hot rolling line.

The coil transfer car also benefits the automation of the whole packing line for steel coils. The steel coil clamp is free to access the coils from the coil transfer car. Meanwhile, compact layout design make us to consider placing the coil wrapping machine as well as steel coil upender along with the tracks of the coil transfer car. This makes it’s easy to load and discharge the steel coils, convenient to proceed the steps for steel coil packaging. Compare with complete each section individually, the whole efficiency of this line is greatly improved.

What Does Coil Transfer Car Do In Steel Industry?