How To Bundle Pipes?

To answer this question, first we have to determine what kind of pipe needs to be bundled. Different pipes have different sizes and physical properties, so they are packaged differently and the equipment used is different.

PVC Pipe

Automatic PVC pipe bundle forming, strapping and bagging machine
Automatic PVC pipe bundle forming, strapping and bagging machine

PVC pipes are lightweight and tend to bend when suspended. Fully automatic PVC pipe bundling machine is the most suitable equipment. This equipment can be used to connect to a PVC pipe extruder for online loading. After being produced, the pipes are directly transported to the feeding line of the machine, and then go to the wrapping station after passing through the counting mechanism. When the quantity reaches the preset value, the machine automatically squeezes the entire bundle of pipes, and then uses stretch film to bundle the entire bundle of PVC pipes. The bundled pipes can then be packaged in tubular PE films. The packed pipes can be directly lifted, flipped and thrown into the collecting truck. Since PVC pipe material has good toughness and plasticity, there is no need to worry about the pipe breaking.

Stainless Steel Pipes

stainless steel pipes bundling machine using tape to strap the bundles

Stainless steel pipes are light in weight, small in outer diameter, and beautiful in appearance. In order to protect its appearance, we can first use a flow type wrapping machine to put a layer of BOPP bags on the stainless steel pipes. The flow type wrapping machine has the characteristics of high speed and no limit on product length. It is especially suitable for packaging stainless steel tubes. The packaged stainless steel pipes can be wrapped and bundled in multiple bundles on an automatic pipe bundling machine. Tape can also be used instead of stretch film for bundling. The bundled pipes will be pushed to the stacking rack by the automatic stacking mechanism. After 10 bundles are arranged, they will be automatically lowered onto the collecting truck, layer by layer, neatly and avoiding waste of space.

Galvanized Steel Pipe

steel pipes bundled into hexagonal shape bundles

At present, the bundling and packaging of galvanized steel pipes is mainly done manually. The forming of the steel pipe bundle is not completed in a special forming mechanism, and the shape of the steel pipe bundle cannot be guaranteed. This can easily lead to uneven stress on the various packaging tapes used to bundle the steel pipe bundles, resulting in damage to the packaging tapes and even loose bundles of steel pipe bundles; it is not suitable for steel pipe packaging in harsh environments, such as high-temperature line pipes and pipeline pipes. Bundling and packaging; all processes of steel pipe bundling need to be completed manually, and the level of automation is low, which cannot meet the production needs of modern steel pipe enterprises.

In large-scale production enterprises, the packaging of galvanized steel pipes is generally completed by automatic steel pipe packaging production lines. The main function of the automatic steel pipe bundling machine is to pack thick and heavy galvanized steel pipes. It is a special machine for steel pipe bundling and packaging. It is different from other ordinary strapping equipment. Since steel pipe bundles have the characteristics of heavy weight (the national standard is 5 tons/bundle) and long length (the national standard is 6 to 15 meters), the steel pipe bundler must meet the requirements of high strength of the strapping material, large strapping force, and firm and reliable bundling.

What’s the Best Way for Bundling Pipes?