This steel coil tilter equipment is mainly used to smoothly and safely tilt/ turn over horizontal coils into vertical coils. In view of the need for uncoiling and transportation of steel coils in the steel rolling process, the horizontal axis is turned to vertical by the turning of the rolling machine, and then the steel coils can be moved along the vertical axis. Unwind in the circumferential direction.

Main technical performance index:
1. Coil weight: Max 30t
2. Outer diameter of steel coil: 1000~2150mm
3. Steel coil inner diameter: 762mm
4. Steel coil width: 800~2130mm

Working Principle of Roller:
The crane hoists the horizontal steel coil on the saddle, and the lifting hydraulic cylinder lifts and lowers the steel coil according to the position of the steel coil.
To the approximate center of the push plate device, due to the different positions of lifting the steel coil, the push plate device is installed
The installed push plate hydraulic cylinder moves to contact with the end surface of the horizontal steel coil, and the proximity switch sends a signal;
The push plate device supports the steel coil when it is turned over to prevent impact. The turning hydraulic cylinder moves, and the turning frame body rolls, turning the horizontal roll smoothly and safely by 90° into a vertical roll. After coil turning over, the lifting device is retracted, the push plate hydraulic cylinder is dropped on the fixed base, and another crane hoists the vertical roll to the train compartment or the vertical roll storage area, and the tumbling machine flips backwards and stops at the rewinding position.

The overall structural arrangement is as described above.

Application technical performance and working principle of steel coil tilter
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