For the full packaging process of the case articles, it’s the PP strap used after the performing of case sealing down by the carton sealers. It’s commonly to see the packaging methods appeared on the cartons and boxes which containing the food, meat, grocery, toys……..What if the demand from the user or the market doesn’t accept the PP strapping to their various reasons?

Under this circumstance, the BOPP tape wrapping machine might be an alternative to give the supplier a light of hope. It’s the orbital wrapping machine which continued and developed from the horizontal spiral wrapping machine. The machine contains the turning ring and in-feed and out-feed conveyor belts to deliver the cartons, boxes to make it forwarding. The tape roll is loaded on the turning ring for winding around the case for the eventual tape wrapping purpose.

Once the boxes reached the wrapping point, the turning ring starts wrapping and will stop once the two rounds of tape is wrapped on the bundles of the goods. When it’s used as the strapping alternative, the number of the strap is preset on the PLC program of the control system.

Compare with the carton sealer machine, it’s a similar machine but with little different working ways and realizing the different results of case sealing. A tape wrapping machine packaging carton and boxes or trays in order to replace the strapping down by baler with PP strap belts.

The BOPP tape wrapping machine used to replace PP strapping for carton and case

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