The working principle of the stretch film machine is to place the wound object in the center of the turntable of the stretch film wrapping machine, start the turntable motor to rotate, and naturally drive the turntable to rotate, so that the object realizes the peripheral stretch film machine.

At the same time, the elevator motor / film carriage is also started, driving the entire assembly of the winding and strapping machine to move up and down to reach the winding in the height direction of the object, which realizes the winding and packaging of the entire surface of the object. This is not only conducive to the packaging requirements of cargo storage, transportation, and mechanized loading and unloading operations, but also prevents damage to the cargo during the handling process, plays a role of dust, moisture and cleaning, and also reduces production costs and improves production efficiency.

The automatic stretch film winding wrapping  machine adopts a microcomputer/ PLC program as the control core, which can carry out winding and packaging operations of various technological requirements on the packaging and automatically open and break the film.

The stretch film wrapping machine has stable performance, strong anti-interference ability, can work normally in the environment of high dust, high noise, strong electromagnetic interference and severe temperature changes, and has the characteristics of simple operation.

Characteristics and working principle of stretch film wrapping machine

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