The door wrapping machine is a special equipment that automatically winds the stretch film onto the plate. It plays a role in preventing bulk packaging of goods, thereby protecting the products, saving packaging costs, reducing labor intensity of workers, and improving packaging effects. This product is mainly used for fully automatic winding and packaging of flat goods such as doors and windows, fire doors, high-grade boards, non-standard floors, etc.

Generally there are two different kinds of door wrapping machine, one is the orbital door wrapping machine and another is the vertical door wrapping machine.

The orbital door wrapping machine is a machine which wraps the door and panel products in horizontal position. The machine has a rotating ring that rotates to wind the film to the door panels, available to connect with other machine such as door manufacturing line or packing line. The integration could make the whole production to a higher efficiency and become more productive.

The orbital door wrapping machine uses rollers for top and bottom pressure to fix the material and allow the material to be transported smoothly, and membrane frame drive mode: double-row chain with automatic film breaking device. After the winding is completed, a specially designed film clamping device automatically cuts the film and clamps the film head, the film will break by a film cutter.

Another machine is the vertical door wrapping machine. This machine is re-designed from the turntable pallet stretch wrapping machine. The machine has clamps at both the top and bottom places and rotate the door panel through the turntable rotation. The machine winds the stretch film to the door and panel products while at the rotation. This machine has cheap price and is very suitable for the use in small and little factories and workshops. But unlike the orbital door wrapping machine, it’s unable to have the integration with other machine to realize the automation.

Different wrapping machines for packing door and panel products

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