The structure and working principle of the coil master wrapping packaging machine and the compound automatic shuttle wrapping packaging machine are basically the same. It is mainly composed of frame, guide rail and chain, packaging mechanism, reducer, drive motor, charging trolley, control system and so on.

coil master steel wire coil wrapping machine

This composite automatic coil master packaging machine adopts the principle of friction transmission and is composed of two U-shaped flexible steel rings-an open and close track. Its guide rail carrying the chain of the packaging mechanism, and the ring guide rail is divided into two parts, the left and the right. When the packaging machine is working, the left and right guide rails move towards the middle to form a closed guide rail system. The four symmetrically distributed four motors drive the chain carrying the packaging mechanism to move on the guide rails through the gears driven by the reducer. The workpiece is loaded by the Driven by the driving system on the trolley. This machine is capable to realize composite packaging of multiple packaging materials, the coordinated movement of the packaging mechanism and the workpiece on the loading trolley is realized through the control system, so as to realize the one-time packaging of multiple materials for the workpiece.

Traditionally, coil shape products are wrapped by coil wrapper which has a C shape rotating ring with the wrapping material loaded on this ring. Operator need to put the coils on the machine through the ring’s cutout. The C shape ring makes rotation through the eye of coils and wind packing material such as stretch film on the coils. But this coil wrapper is limited by its design. It’s unable to wrap wide coils as the C shape ring dimension and its cutout width is limited.

This coil master wrapping machine is mainly used for wrapping large and long ring, coil and reel shaped products, especially the composite packaging of ring-shaped products that can be completed at one time with multiple film materials at the same time. This ring-shaped product is mainly high-grade wire coils and steel coils, and its packaging can prevent wear, dust, moisture, and cleanliness. Because these high-grade wire coils are worn in the process of moving away, they must be cut from here and used as two sections, so they are packaged to prevent them from being worn.

Coil master for wrapping deep steel and wire coils