Stretch wrapping machine for packing rolls

The cylinder stretch wrapping machine is one of the wrap packaging machines. Its turntable adopts a cylindrical structure, and there are two power support rollers on it. The cylinder stretch wrapping machine drives the overall rotation of the rolls through the rotation of the cylindrical turntable. , and then the circular products is driven by the power support to rotate, thereby realizing the overall wrapping of the rolls.

Generally speaking, cylinder stretch wrapping machines are divided into small cylinder wrapping machines, cylinder radial wrapping machines, gantry radial wrapping machines and round and simple axial wrapping machines. The difference between the cylinder wrapping machine and other types lies in its unique cylinder turntable. The turntable system can carry out frequency conversion and speed regulation of the turntable, and the rotation of the goods can be automatically rotated. It is packaged as a whole, and the turntable can be automatically reset after the operation process is over, so that the next packaging work can start directly. The design of the cylindrical wrapping machine is more convenient to control the packaging effect, and also makes the winding counting more accurate, accurately control the entire wrapping process.

Another advantage that has to be said is the film carriage system of this wrapping machine. Its film carriage is made of wear-resistant rubber spokes and a dynamic pre-stretching mechanism, which makes the degree of pre-stretching reach 250%, thereby reducing the amount of stretch film used in the machine. The rising and falling speed of the wrap head can be adjusted independently, and the operator can adjust it according to his actual situation; the lifting mast adopted is a double chain structure, which is very stable and reliable.

The pre-stretch cylindrical wrapping machine has its own advantages, which makes it able to meet the packaging requirements of many products, thus catering to the needs of users, and is widely used in textile, non-woven fabric, jumbo roll paper and other industries.

New cylinder stretch wrapping machine for rolls