The packaging machine has a major improvement over the few decades both at it’s operation and productivity. Today, when we think about the packaging machine, first we will think about the exterior of the final package. Tight and neat transparent package is the best performance to gain, but the package also should able to protect our product in excellent condition until it reaches it final destination.

How to choose the ideal industrial packaging machinery?

At Emanpack, we are truly devoted into the design, manufacturing of the stretch wrapping machine and shrink wrapping machines. We have different types of machine for long shape products such as timber, lumber….and also aluminum sectors….. Every customer who comes to us, we often offer them few possible solutions both the stretch wrapping and shrink wrapping methods, give them more choice and options.

Aspects to consider when choosing industrial packaging
  • Types of packaging: It’s essential to have a consideration of the possible factors which will have effect to the choice of packing machine of one type or another. Our machines use variant packaging material and this includes LLDPE stretch film, thermal contractable film and composite paper as well as VCI tape……..

  • Product characteristics: The first factor to consider is the product that will be packed. Whether it’s long shape size or panel related products, and how much does it weigh? Different machine has it’s own limitation on the packing sizes or the forms of packaging. Also, we need to consider the means of sales. Some products need to be nice and beautiful, so the shrink wrapping machine ought to be the first choice.

Our industrial packaging machinery

We want to introduce the strength of our packaging machine after explained the importance of choosing the ideal packaging machine. We have a wide range of packaging machines which includes shrink wrapping machine and stretch wrapping machines. Despite the standard models which we listed, we also accept the customization of packaging machine per your required packaging dimensions and needs.

After many years of experience, now we also make the turnkey solutions to our customers. Automatic stretch wrapping machine which integrated with customer assembling line or packing line and controlled by PLC program to enable the packing line finish the package with unmanned operation. For example, our online pallet wrapping line is able to connect and do the pallet wrapping after the palletizer machine and our shrink wrapping machine is also used to connect with the production line of egg trays, finish the sealing and shrink wrapping of the stack egg tray bundles one by one continuously.