Horizontal wrapping machine is a machine designed to protect and seal packaged plates, doors, floors, windows, furniture, ladle, sandwich panels, etc. Controlled by PLC control system with the fault indicator will automatically alarm. The machine using photoelectric sensors to set the packaging position; The rotating circle is controlled by the frequency converter and the overlap rate can be adjusted according to different OD&ID. The machine has manipulator which will automatically clamp, feed, and cut packaging materials.

Material tension can be adjusted automatically on the film spool, to achieve the best wrapping tension for making the nice and tight packaging for the products.

This machine can be connected to the packaging line for achieving automatic packaging. The horizontal winding packaging machine can also be equipped with a sealing and cutting device to achieve 6-sided winding. Film sheet dispenser is optional to add for applying bubble film or sheets to cover the products before wrapping. Making the package is sealed and tightly wrapped. Suitable for stretch wrapping furnitures like sofa, beds, mattress, wardrobe…..

Horizontal spiral wrapping machine is the good packing solution for doors and furniture

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