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Features of automatic PE stretch film wrapping machines:

  • Slow automatic and stop device: When the turntable is automatic, if the rotation speed is too fast, it is easy to cause the top layer of the package to fall. Slow start is adopted, and the rotation speed can be adjusted infinitely without this concern.
  • Partially strengthened packaging device: If the strapping machine must be strengthened in a certain part of the package, this machine has certain characteristics to strengthen the strapping design.
  • Turntable positioning function: the turntable returns automatically to ensure accurate positioning of the tray.
  • Self-protection switch device: If the highest height control switch fails, when the membrane seat reaches the highest point, it cannot be stopped, which will cause serious damage to the machine. The failure of the micro switch is unpredictable. This machine is equipped with self-protection Switch device.
  • Photoelectric switch detection device: adopts electric eye switch to automatically detect the height of the wrapper.
  • Frequency conversion speed control function: according to the winding density required by the food, the turntable and the film head can be adjusted without speed change.
  • Film tension control: mechanical elastic brakes are used to control the tension of the film.
  • Packing method: This machine can be used as a standard packing method for manual up and down operations.
PE stretch film wrapping and winding machine