PC strand packaging-min

PC strand is generally composed of a set of seven cold-drawn steel wires, with the central steel wire being spirally wound with a uniform pitch by six surrounding steel wires. PC strands are primarily used in the construction industry to produce precast concrete elements, geotechnical anchors, concrete rods, and prestressing and post-tensioning applications.

PC strand uses high carbon steel wire rods, which are cold drawn into steel wires after surface treatment, and then multiple steel wires are twisted into a stranded steel strand structure. Next remove the stress through a stabilization process. For extended durability, wires can have metallic or non-metallic coatings, such as galvanized or epoxy coatings. In order to increase the bonding strength with concrete, the surface can be scored, etc.

Classification of PC Strands:
PC strand is divided into: 2-wire steel strand, 3-wire steel strand, 7-wire steel strand and 19-wire steel strand according to the number of steel wires in the steel strand. According to the surface morphology, it can be divided into: smooth steel strand, scored steel strand, die-drawn steel strand, and epoxy resin-coated steel strand. They can also be classified by diameter, strength level or standard.

PC Strand Specifications:
In the instructions and tables we often see, prestressed steel strands have specifications such as 15-7Φ5, 12-7Φ5, and 9-7Φ5. Taking 15-7Φ5 as an example, 5 represents a single steel wire with a diameter of 5.0mm, 7Φ5 represents seven steel wires forming a steel strand, and 15 represents a diameter of each steel wire of 15mm. The overall meaning is “a beam consists of a It consists of 7 steel wires with a diameter of 15 mm (the total diameter of each wire is about 15.24 mm, the size deviation is +0.40 -0.20; the diameter of each wire is about 5.0 mm), and the general cross-sectional area is calculated as 140mm^2. The fracture value is 140*1860=260.4kN, and it can withstand a tensile force of 156.24-169.26kN according to the prestress standard of 60%-65%.

steel bar roll packing machine

PC strand is finally wind into big coils and strapped by steel bands. Some large PC strand coils have the size up to 3-4 meters. So, it’s kind difficult to make the package for such big objects. But expose the PC strand to the air will easily to get damages from dust, rain and vapor…. So, it’s still important to make the PC strand coils get packed.

How to make the good package for PC strand coils?

PC Strand Wrapping Machine is The Ideal Packaging Machine for PC Strand Coils

This coil wrapping machine has large C shape turning ring to go through the eye of PC strand coils. Wrapping material is located on the ring to make the PC stand coils wrapped layer by layer. The PC strand wrapping machine has an opening towards the upside, which benefits operators to load and discharge the PC strand coils by lifting with a crane or hoist without barriers.

Ideal Packaging Machine of PC Strand Wrapping Machine