Shrinkable plastic film

Shrink film is also called contractable film, it’s the idealist material for packaging frozen foods. For the large companies, the shrink film is always the first choice for their packing material.

There are three formulations of the shrink film: which including polyolefin, polyethylene, and the poly-vinyl-chloride. Within the food industry the polyolefin is preferred to be used. Polyolefin contractable film is approved by FDA food-safe. It’s perfect for sealing variant frozen foods including pizza, vegetables, baked goods, cakes, pies, and fruit.

Chipboard packaging

Chipboard is different from the cardboard as it is not corrugated or hollow but it’s often mistaken by the users. It is often used with the shrink film together to package the frozen foods.

The biggest advantage of chipboard among the other different types of frozen food packaging is that users can print their graphics on it. The vivant imagery draws the consumer’s attention and make your products easy to sell.

Wax-Coated Cardboard

Wax-coated cardboard is primarily choice for packaging frozen foods which will be heated inside their container. Because heat resistance and water proof material allow it to withstand the intense temperatures of a microwave and the soup.


Glass containers is too heavy and bulky and it also has a high carbon footprint which made it very expensive. But for companies who made luxury goods, it’s preferred to choose glass container as the material for packaging.