Spiral wrappers are an excellent development in the field of packaging and the benefits of using spiral wrappers continue to increase. These versatile and compact machines are the perfect addition to any packaging line, able to significantly increase packaging speeds and reduce the necessary labor in the packaging line, allowing you to pack and protect your goods in a very efficient and effective way.

Spiral wrappers operate semi-automatically or fully automatically, allowing the user complete control over the packaging process. This means that if more film needs to be applied to certain areas of the product, such as the ends, this can be done by simply adjusting the packaging speed or simply moving the product through the machine at a slower speed. The machine is fully customized to your product, so it consistently delivers the best packaging for each product. This ensures that every product that goes through the machine meets your requirements exactly, providing consistency and superior protection.

Main Advantages of Spiral Wrapper Series:

  1. Protect long, unwieldy products in an efficient, effective and cost-effective way;
  2. The 220V plug has relatively low power consumption and requires minimal setup;
  3. Reduce the range of packaging materials you use, as films can be applied to products of any shape;
  4. Use stretch film, a fully recyclable high-strength film that provides optimal security;
  5. Printed films can be easily applied to increase brand awareness or paper and film combinations;
  6. Bubble wrap can also be placed loosely on the product and then wrapped tightly as the product passes through the machine, providing greater impact resistance;
  7. A very intuitive control panel, film tension and speed adjustment make the machine very user-friendly for all operators;
  8. Foot switch operated machines add additional safety features to reduce the risk of injury or damage;
  9. Compact design, smaller footprint and easy installation;
  10. The dual film heads carry two rolls of film, eliminating the need to increase the speed of the ring to unsafe speeds. This also reduces machine downtime due to fewer film material changes.
Spiral Wrapper Bring More Benefits than Wrapping
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