For many users of pallet wrapping machine, the top one concern and requirement is the speed of this machine. It’s right and should be a key point of consideration when it’s coming to purchase a pallet wrapping machine.

It’s imaginable that a lot of users have large and fast production line or assembling line. The speed or capacity of their fabrication is very great and hard for a semi-automatic turntable pallet wrapper to catch up or any pallet wrapping machine no matter conveyorized online pallet wrapper or rotary arm pallet wrapping machine.

But one type pallet wrapping machine is able to handle the great task, it’s the ring type pallet wrapper.

Ring type rotary arm pallet wrapper
Ring type rotary arm pallet wrapper

The machine differ from most pallet wrappers, which the film carriage and rotating arm is placed on a ring. This structure makes it can have a high speed of rotation than the normal rotary arm pallet wrapper.

But how does this structure work as the film carriage requires electricity supply. Well, with the modern technology, this is not a problem at all. The ring is attached with copper hoop, matched with brush, it’s reliable to provide electricity to the film carriage constantly.

The special design and unique structure enables the machine to wrap more than 60 pallets within a single hour. This powerful and unimaginable capacity is capable to catch up with the most efficient output line in various industries.

What is a ring type pallet wrapper and what is the key point of this machine?

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