Currently, we have a project to provide 11 Automatic PVC Pipe Bundling & Strapping Machine to our customer. The whole system will consist of 2 parts:

1/ Bundling machine with tape ( machine origin can accept China)

2/Strapping machine by using plastic strap. (machine origin must be from Taiwan, Japan, EU, G7, China)

We believe that you would be capable of providing for this project.

Here below is our requirements and pipe information:

No.Pipe sizePipe/Bundle(*)Capacity(bundle/hour)
1F 215011
2F 272518
3F 342512
4F 421024
5F 491014
6F 60540
PVC pipe bundle forming and strapping by stretch wrapping

(*):Can be changed according to the agreement of the supplier and the investor.

·        Technical requirements

1.      Pipe counting part and bundling machine

·        Check and count pipe be sensor and loadcell (double check)

·        Alerts when excess or shortage of pipes, weight

·        Tightness of pipe with tape

2.      Pipe strapping part

·        The origin of strapping machine (strapping part) must be from Taiwan, Japan, EU, G7

o   Strap framework must be above the machine chassis

o   Using strap

o   Size of strap: The machine must be designed to be used with the factory’s current strap (the supplier can take the factory’s strap to test). Do not accept only bundles with the special type of strap recommended by the supplier.

·        Tightness of pipe bundle after bundling must be within tolerance +5% of the standard pipe bundle circumference according to the following table:

NumSize of PipeStandard bundle strap loop length (mm)Maximum bundle wire loop length +5% (mm)
PVC pipe packaged by bundling, strapping and bagging

3.      Size of machine

·        Available space for installation the machine (max): length x Width x height : 10.500mm x 1.600mm x 1.900mm.

·        Machine height must be adjustable to suit the installation, connection with the pipe expander machine and ensure that it can be used with mobile shelves at the factory (Contractors need to survey the actual according to the size of the pipe expander).

4.      Control System

·        Control systems and screens of Siemens or equivalent brands.

·        Switch gear from Siemens or Schneider.

·        3 phase supply voltage 380V – 50Hz ( 5 wires: 3 phase, 1 neutral wire and 1 ground).

Automatic PVC Pipe Bundling & Strapping Machine