Semi-automatic aluminum profile cutting machine-min

The correct way to use:

  1. Before use, the performance of the equipment must be carefully checked to confirm the integrity of each component;
  2. The power switch, the tightness of the saw blade, the saw blade guard or the safety baffle shall be inspected in detail, the operating table must be stable, and there should be sufficient lighting brightness for night work;
  3. Before use, turn on the main switch first, and try to turn it around for a few times without load, and then allow it to start after confirming that it is safe and correct;
  4. Before operation, you must check whether the power supply matches the conventional rated 220VA voltage on the electric tool, so as not to connect to the 380VA power supply by mistake;
  5. It must be evenly cut short, and the fixed end must be firm and reliable;
  6. Do not attempt to saw small unclamped workpieces or profiles with severe edges (such as when the outer diameter is less than 15 cm);
  7. In order to improve work efficiency. Before sawing single or multiple pieces together, be sure to do a good job of auxiliary clamping and positioning;
  8. Powerful sawing operations are not allowed, and the motor speed must reach full speed before cutting;
  9. No one is allowed to stand behind the saw, cut off the power immediately when there is a power failure, rest or leave the work site;
  10. The saw blade must not swing from the saw or profile while it is not stopped;
  11. Do not operate when the guard is not in place, and do not put your hands within 15 cm from the saw blade. It is not allowed to lean over or bypass the saw machine, and it is advisable to lean the body at an angle of 45 degrees during operation;
  12. If there is an abnormal sound, stop the inspection immediately; before repairing or replacing accessories, you must first cut off the power supply and wait for the saw blade to stop completely;
  13. When using a cutting machine such as working in a wet place, it must be carried out on an insulating mat or a dry wooden board. Safety protection measures must be taken when climbing high or using in explosion-proof and other hazardous areas.

(1) Professional electricians regularly replace the carbon brushes of the cutting machine and whether the saw blades are in good condition.
(2) Ensure that the overall body of the cutting machine is in good condition and clean and remove dirt, so as to ensure the smooth rotation of the saw blade.
(3) Professionals regularly check whether the parts of the cutting machine are damaged, and those that are seriously damaged and cannot be used should be replaced and repaired in time.
(4) Timely replenish the body screws and fasteners lost on the body during operation.
(5) Regularly check whether the bearings, gears, cooling wind shields and fan blades of the transmission part are flexible and intact, and add lubricating oil to the rotating parts in time to prolong the service life of the electric hand drill.
(6) Keep it properly after use.

Safe operating procedures:
(1) The operator must be familiar with the performance of the equipment, abide by the safe operation rules, and prevent accidents.
(2) When the cutting machine is working, it is necessary to concentrate on it, not only to keep a clear mind, but also to operate the power tool rationally. It is strictly forbidden to operate the cutting machine after drinking or taking stimulants or drugs.
(3) The power line must be safe and reliable, and it is strictly forbidden to pull it without permission. Before use, the performance of the equipment must be carefully checked to ensure that all parts are in good condition.
(4) Wear suitable work clothes. Do not wear loose work clothes, let alone wear jewelry or long hair. It is strictly forbidden to wear cuffs without buttoning.
(5) The processed workpiece must be firmly clamped, and it is strictly forbidden to start cutting the workpiece without clamping it tightly.
(6) It is strictly forbidden to grind the burrs of the workpiece on the surface of the grinding wheel to prevent the grinding wheel from breaking.
(7) When cutting, the operator must deviate from the front of the cutting wheel and wear protective glasses.
(8) It is strictly forbidden to use the damaged grinding wheel. When cutting, prevent sparks from splashing and keep away from flammable and explosive materials.
(9) When clamping the workpiece, the clamping should be stable and firm, and the protective cover must be installed correctly. After clamping, it should be turned on and run dry for inspection. This product does not support returns!

How to use the automatic pipe cutting machine?