Our company is a national leader in the manufacturing and design of packaging machinery, with a high degree of specialization in the fields of wood and furniture. The reality is that over time, our business in industries such as aluminum, PVC or steel is accelerating, which is undoubtedly another very important business line of the company.

Our automatic packaging machinery has become a real substitute for paperboard in modern industry. Its advantage is that our machine greatly reduces the product processing process and the space needed to store paperboard. In addition, this is important and supported by different studies, because the carbon footprint (a measure of the impact of human activities on the environment) is higher when cardboard is used in the packaging process than in the packaging process. Recyclable polyethylene film is used, just like that used in our machines.
We have customized packaging machinery, which is suitable for cold and hot work, and uses polyethylene film or bubble film and other materials. It is completely recyclable and environment-friendly, and is used for automatic packaging of medium and large products.
The polyethylene film they use is completely recyclable, so they will not produce any type of harmful plastic waste during their inactivity, and the impact on the carbon footprint is lower than that of paperboard, which is one of the most important values of our company; When we design our machines, we are fully aware of the need to choose more sustainable, ecological, efficient and environmentally friendly technologies.

The shrink packaging machine is composed of two packaging modules: welded joint and shrink tunnel.
It is designed for heating work and wrapping large products with heat shrinkable film to achieve the final result, so that the products can be seen and of high quality, while achieving very high output at more than a reasonable cost. It is suitable for a wide range of products: all types of furniture, wood, mattresses, textiles, profiles and closures, auto parts combination.

The packaging machine is designed according to the strict standards of energy efficiency and consumption saving. It can process products of different sizes on the same production line at the same time without interruption. It can adjust the consumption of excess film and detect the size of each product to be packaged. It is one of our most complete and efficient custom installation and packaging systems.

Through the overlap shrink packaging machine, we show you an automated system designed to be used with heat shrinkable polyethylene film and bottom overlap welding. It provides high-quality finishes and high productivity at competitive prices. It is very suitable for the products that the final buyer needs to see, and its aesthetics matches the products provided. The utility model is composed of a feeding table, a welding joint, a group of metal rods containing thin films, a central table and a shrinkage tunnel.

The rotary packaging machine specially designed for automatic customized packaging and horizontal packaging. It can use polyethylene stretch film to package various products, and pay special attention to large products: large furniture items, paperback furniture, doors, windows, laminates, textiles, polystyrene. In addition, according to the model and size of the machine, it is used for horizontal packaging and high production of metal, aluminum, PVC profiles, mouldings, shutters and pipes. The stretch film of the rotary packaging machine provides the highest level of support, and the packaging of stacked packaging can also be selected.

The introduction for different wrapping and packaging machines for different industries
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