With the rapid development of manufacturing and logistics industry today, the storage of automated warehouse has become a basic demand of all industries. According to the requirements for storage and transportation of different goods, as well as the requirements for operation update of storage equipment. For example, some small boxes of goods on pallets in the food industry, household appliances industry, mechanical and electrical accessories industry, and coin boxes loaded with coins are prone to loose and inclined goods in the process of automatic intelligent warehousing, transportation and other operations, so that the appearance is out of tolerance, which affects the automation, intelligent transportation and shelving of pallet goods.

Lithium powder bag forming machine
Lithium powder bag forming machine

The lithium powder packaging line consists of a powder bag forming machine, two sets of down pressing baler, horizontal baler, and a rotary arm online pallet wrapping machine plus a pallet stacking machine for supplying and recycling the pallets.

The down pressing strapping machine uses the strapping belt to fasten the product, and then tightens and melts the two ends through thermal effect or connects them with materials such as buckles. The function of the baler is to make the plastic bag cling to the surface of the bound package, ensure that the package is not easy to scatter during transportation and storage, and make the binding neat and beautiful.

The horizontal strapping machine is used to bind the packages in the horizontal direction, which is applicable to the horizontal packing of pallet packages. It is cost-effective and has the characteristics of beautiful appearance, excellent binding force, less failure and convenient maintenance.

The rotary arm online pallet wrapping machine is mainly applicable to the wrapping of light, high and unstable products or heavier goods after stacking. Its packaging cost is low but the efficiency is high. Equipped with production line and PLC programmable control, the winding layers and times can be set; Mechanical and electric eye limit modes facilitate the adjustment of packaging height; Safe and convenient dynamic pre stretching mechanism of membrane frame, safe protection of film cutter; Pre stretching ratio can reach 250%; The rotary table is accurately positioned, frequency converter for speed regulation.

Automatic lithium powder packaging line
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